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The importance of listening and hope to develop consensus for dietary strategies

Dietary strategies to help achieve remission in type 2 diabetes.

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2021 Research Symposium showcases new dietetic research

Dietitians, dietetic students and researchers showcased their research through 11 different streams at the 2021 Research Symposium, with 60 abstracts being presented throughout the day.

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BDA 2020/21 award winners announced

BDA members' successes and achievements were celebrated at the 2020/21 BDA Virtual Awards.

BDA Fellowship awardee: Alison Smith

Alison was awarded a Fellowship in 2021 and we asked her what it means to have been awarded, why she became a dietitian and her advice for future dietitians.

BDA Ibex awardee: Anna Julian

Anna Julian, Advanced Specialist Dietitian in Medical and Gastroenterology Services at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, was awarded the Ibex in 2021.

BDA Ibex awardee: Rhys White

Rhys White, Acting Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Guy's and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, was awarded an Ibex in 2021, which is an honour for Professional Achievement. 

BDA Fellowship awardee: Maxine Cartz

Maxine Cartz is a Dietitian for Medirest, the Healthcare division of Compass Group UK & Ireland who was awarded a BDA Fellowship in 2021.

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Healthy Eating for African and Caribbean Individuals

Eating well doesn’t mean you have to give up on your cultural or favourite foods - it is about enjoying these in moderation and as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

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BDA Fellowship awardee: Sian Porter

Sian Porter, Freelance Consultant Dietitian (Mole Communications), was awarded a BDA Fellowship in 2020 for her achievements in dietetics. 


Cancer Diets: Myths and More

A guide to understanding different cancer diets and how to know if you are making the right or wrong changes.

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Constantly repeating yourself? Don’t let reflux disease give you the run around

Lets talk diet, what should and shouldn’t we be eating and what can we do to prevent acid reflux episodes.

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Working in Sports Nutrition in the USA

SENR Executive Support Consultant Dr Alan Kennedy speaks to SENR members Charles Ashford and Connor Spencer about how they have forged exciting and rewarding careers in high performance sports nutrition roles in the United States.

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Case Study: reducing plastics in home enteral feeding

Discussing the use of Sterifeed reusable reservoirs as a sustainable alternative to combat one use plastics in home enteral feeding.

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Meet the new Student Rep

Reema Rabheru, a final year Master's student from King's College London, has been elected as the new Student Rep for 2021/22 by fellow dietetic students after a record nine BDA student members applied for the role.


What is Sustainable September?

Across September we will be exploring why dietitians are best placed to lead the way in sustainable diets and eating, as well as sharing examples of innovation in practice.

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Ditching the diet: Finding ways to rebuild a healthy relationship with food and our bodies

Popular diets come and go, however the themes and basic ideas they suggest seem to remain. Some experts suggest it’s time to ditch the diet and find ways to rebuild a healthy relationship with food (and our bodies) and learn to eat in a conscious, intuitive and mindful way. 

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Food and mood: How do foods affect how you feel?

We are in a pandemic. An economic recession looms. On top of all that, the globe continues to warm up. If you think too much about it, it’s depressing! Unsurprisingly, mental health has become a priority for many people and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.


Looking forward after lockdown

As we emerge from a prolonged period of restrictions, our daily routines are likely to change once again. We might go back to the office, enjoy socialising, or make the most of opportunities to see family and friends. We may try to hold onto some lockdown habits that were kind to our bodies, our health or the environment.

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But I can’t resist temptation! You CAN change your eating habits

We all have habits, and the unexpected restrictions of successive COVID-19 lockdowns have led to many of us developing new ones, some good and some not so healthful. As we emerge out into the ‘new normal’, it’s a good time to take stock of eating and drinking behaviours and make changes for the better.


Food for Thought: The Role of Nutrition in the Gut-Brain Axis

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