Eating well for women's health

With 70% of women currently in work at risk of health issues that may impact a healthy working life, BDA Work Ready brings you a workshop to show how small changes via food and nutrition can support healthier working lives.


Fluid at Work Study Update

The research team are in the process of conducting a systematic review of the evidence for beverage intake in the workplace across different industries in order to characterise current measurement tools.


Key wellbeing concerns impacting employees and performance, and the role nutritional programmes have

Aon ran a 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey asking 1,648 companies across 41 countries how they are addressing wellbeing, and the impact that a wellbeing program has on their business performance.


An invitation to tea and biscuits

Work Ready accredited dietitian Louise Symington joined one of the BFBS' regular 'Virtual Tea & Biscuits' get-togethers to run an informal nutrition session with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

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Connecting together through food

BDA Work Ready partnered with Let’s Get Cooking and Wellbeing at Work Collaborative to deliver an engaging department away day for University College London’s ‘Being Well at UCL’ community initiative.


Workplace worries about gut health after lockdown

One of our most popular Work Ready workshops and webinars offers food based tips for happy, healthy digestion. Work Ready dietitians report how valued people feel after the tips from our specialist workplace interventions.


BDA Work Ready now a Technical Partner for the Workforce Nutrition Alliance

Due to our experience in delivering evidence based, engaging nutrition programmes in the UK, BDA Work Ready is delighted to be chosen as a technical partner of the Workforce Nutrition Alliance, supporting employers globally to create impactful workforce nutrition programmes.

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Upcoming Research: Fluid at Work Study

Work Ready are delighted to announce the successful attainment of funds from the General Education Trust (GET) by researchers at the Department of Nutritional Sciences, King's College London.


Workplace webinars for home workers

With home working becoming the new normal for many of us this can be a great opportunity for Work Ready dietitians to flag up positive and tailored dietary messages.


Life after lockdown, are we implementing better habits now?

Research reveals that despite one in three people adopting a healthier lifestyle since lockdown in March, one in six are already falling back into bad habits.

Hydration Posters for Healthcare Settings

We've pulled together a team of hydration experts, sports nutritionists and critical care dietitians to make eight suggestions for healthcare workers, who have a higher risk of dehydration, particularly with long, busy shifts with limited breaks and the wearing of PPE.


Four-week subscription to wellbeing planner

BDA Work Ready is giving organisations the opportunity to purchase an additional 28 days of evidence-based wellbeing content for their personalised planner for home-based employees.


Free resource! Five-day wellbeing planner to support your colleagues working from home

Five-day wellbeing planner to support colleagues working from home during government advice for working conditions during COVID-19.

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Eat, drink and be healthy this Christmas

Did you know that many people eat their way through about 6,000 calories on Christmas day? That's about three times as much as we need. So, think about your portion sizes and follow these simple tips to help you eat, drink and be healthy.