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Help us grow the dietetic community

83% of HCPC registered dietitians and many dietetic support staff are already a member of the BDA, their professional body and trade union. Most believe that all of the dietetic workforce should be a member of the BDA.

Member Get Member Campaign 

We've brought back our popular member get member campaign. For each new member you (an existing member) recommend, we’ll give you a £10 amazon voucher to say thanks. And, there’s no limit on the number you can claim! (See FAQ's below.)

Are your dietetic colleagues or friends members of the BDA? If not, please spread the word within your workplaces and networks by recommending the BDA membership community to them. Simply signpost them here.

We know that our member advocates, like you, are the best possible source of information to potential new members about the many benefits, and the great community, the BDA has to offer. That's why we rely on you to help grow our community. 

The more members we have, the stronger our collective voice can be at a local and national level. This means we can be stronger when we negotiate with your employer, when we promote the impact and value of the profession, and we can do even more to lobby and influence government, the media and the general public. All this, ultimately, drives the demand for dietetics.

Helping you spread the word

As part of our campaign, here are a few useful resources to help you spread the word in your dietetic departments:

A great discussion point could be the Top 5 benefits of BDA membership, as voted for by members in 2018:

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance  - £10million aggregate cover as part of your BDA membership. 
  2. Trade Union cover and support from local Reps, national officers and BDA Legal.
  3. Access to PEN - worth over £390/year.
  4. Dietetics Today Official Members Magazine - news, views and updates from accross the profession delivered straight to your door 
  5. Website tools and resources like BDA Food Fact Sheets, Influencing Action Pack, and Clinical Practice Toolkits.

MGM Faqs

When is the member get member campaign running?
New member referrals will be accepted from 1 April 2019 - end Dec 2019

Who can recommend who?
All BDA members can recommend/refer a new applicant to join us in any BDA membership category (except for student membership).

How do I receive a £10 Amazon voucher?
It's easy - for each new applicant you recommend, after they've joined us online, they simply need to email us at stating your full name (and BDA membership number if you know it to make things easier for us) as the existing member who referred them. When they join, we will then send you a £10 voucher in the post to the 'preferred address' you have listed in your MY BDA ( as a thank you, and they will receive one too as a new member incentive. Simply signpost them here for all the information.

Are there any limits on the number of Amazon vouchers I can claim?
No, so long as you refer within the campaign dates, there's no limit!

I am a BDA volunteer (e.g. trade union rep / group or branch committee member / media spokesperson) can I still recommend membership as part of this campaign?
Yes of course, you are our advocates already, so are best placed to tell your networks all about how you benefit as a BDA member and volunteer!