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Welcome to the volunteer hub for Specialist Group and Branch Committee members. Thank you for volunteering your time, skills and expertise. You have become part of an inspirational and motivated team of over 350 volunteers.


Here on the hub you will find a wide range of tools and resources to help you in your role. We have lots of useful resources and guidance available to support you during your time as a volunteer as well as regular opportunities for our volunteers to connect with each other during the year. 

This is a developing resource, so please do e-mail us with suggestions and ideas for new resources, we would love to hear from you!  


As a volunteer you have an integral role in contributing to and developing the BDA as a whole, and so it is vital that you are kept up to date with the latest news and upcoming developments from the BDA. We use a wide range of communication channels to keep you up to date:

  • Volunteer Update Ezine – Latest news and resources for committee member volunteers of Specialist Groups and Branches, send from your dedicated Volunteer Officer, Carlena Probert-Baulch on a regular basis
  • Social Media Accounts – Twitter and Facebook
  • Blog – Latest thoughts from the BDA Chief Executive and Chairman
  • Direct Emails to Chairs – With important information, governance updates and requests
  • Facebook - Dedicated Group and Branch support and networking group on Facebook 


Have you joined the Groups and Branches Facebook group? The group is available for all Group and Branch volunteers to join and is used as a support system to ask questions, network and allow you to get to know your fellow volunteers. 

The group is used to host our monthly webinar series, look out for the announcements on the next topic in your monthly volunteer e-zine!

Join the Groups and Branches Facebook group here.

Contact us

The BDA office staff are here to help you, offer guidance and provide additional support services. We have a dedicated member of staff, Carlena Probert-Baulch, leading on Specialist Group and Branch support and devlopment. Please do get in touch if you need support, we are always happy to get involved!

Carlena Probert-Baulch, Volunteer Officer (Groups and Branches)

T: 0121 200 8042


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