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In your professional role, you may be asked to provide an expert witness statement or report in relation to formal proceedings, either legal or disciplinary. Requests for witness statements or reports may come from coroners, solicitors, police, regulatory bodies, employers and insurance companies.

Expert advice is often also sought from within the profession to undertake dietetic service reviews, sit on interview panels for senior posts, or provide independent assessment of capability processes. Requests may come from dietetic/AHP service managers or HR services.

If you are looking for an expert dietitian please email The BDA with a short description detailing the expertise you are looking for and the timescale you are working within. Although we will endeavour to meet your request as soon as possible, please allow 10 working days to be able to identify a suitable dietitian for you.

If you are an experienced dietitian and would like to be included on our list of experts please email The BDA with a short summary of your area of expertise and the type of work you are interested in.


For more information on disciplinary and court proceedings, members can access the BDA’s guidance paper on the dietitian’s role in giving evidence, providing statements and writing reports.