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The BDA has approved the adoption of the international Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT) as the preferred standardised language (terminology) for use in electronic records. We work closely with international dietitians to inform our decisions around the use of this. We are working closely with NHS Digital to integrate the use of this to suit the needs of dietitians in the UK. 

In the UK we use SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms) as a standardised language in the healthcare setting. SNOMED CT consists of comprehensive scientifically validated content. It is the most comprehensive international terminology currently available and can be used across all care settings and all clinical areas.

A standardised language is needed in dietetic practice, and the wider healthcare landscape to:

  • ensure clear communication between dietitians, the multi-disciplinary team and with service users
  • share information across systems
  • capture information safely and consistently for different purposes 
  • reduce the need for dietitians and services users to duplicate information 
  • reduce errors and improve record keeping
  • inform audit, research and quality improvement

We will  keep you informed of our progress, and will look forward to launching a Dietitians Digital Dictionary in Summer 2020.