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The provision of safe, effective and good quality care or intervention is fundamental to dietetic practice.

You need to know that your intervention is evidence based and effective i.e. it achieves the predicted outcome whilst making effective use of the available resources and taking into account the needs and wishes of your service user. 

To do this you need to be able to identify and predict what the desired outcome of your dietetic intervention will be and to be able to measure to what extent this has been achieved.

Measuring your outcomes and sharing this information demonstrates the value of your dietetic service to commissioners of services and to the wider health community.

The introduction of the Model and Process for Nutrition and Dietetic Practice ( has superceded the now archived BDA Outcomes Model (2011) ( which provided an initial starting point for measuring outcomes.

Dietitians are using a variety of approaches at both a local level and as Specialist Groups. A link is provided to an outcomes forum for members to discuss and share their approach.