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There are many areas a dietitian is expected to know about; from diabetes and intolerances to kidney disease and weight management. But, maintaining an accurate overview of the evidence-base in all general and specialised areas of dietetic practice can be a challenge. The PEN system keeps you up-to-date with the fast-paced world of dietetics! 

The PEN system condenses and summarises the nutrition and dietetic evidence-base on more than 190 nutrition and dietetic-related topics, then gives you practical guidance to help apply to dietetic practice!

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Each topic in the PEN system is collated under a ‘Knowledge Pathway’. Each 'Knowledge Pathway' is separated into different sections (similar to an online version of chapters in a text book). For a handy table on the different sections of PEN and when you would use them, have a read of the following leaflets:

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"PEN is such a great resource, both now as students but also once we qualify. All of the research, for all different conditions is summarised and simplified on this website." (BDA Student Member)