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A degree of responsibility and expectation are part of being a professional. A member of any profession, including dietetics, must, within their scope of practice, agree to be governed by a code of ethics, uphold high standards and performance and competence, behave with integrity and morality, and be selfless in the promotion of the public good (Cruess et al 2004).

The concept of professionalism is not a new one, but in the wake of high profile cases has become more important than ever that healthcare practitioners do not just know how to be a professional, but can demonstrate professionalism in action. However, professionalism is not easy to test as it is arguably subjective in nature, and will change over the course of a career. It is notoriously difficult to test, but is an expected behaviour by which every practitioner will be judged.

On these pages you will find information on professional regulation ethics and conduct, professional indemnity insurance, document endorsement and also workforce development.