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12th May, London

The BDA will be joining with other Trade Union members to call for a New Deal for Workers.

The TUC are organising a demonstration in London on May 12th to call for a New Deal for Working People. As part of the wider Trade Union movement this is a platform which BDA members can use to make their voices heard.

We stand as a profession within a wider movement. We recognise a fellowship with our fellow healthcare workers in particular as well as workers in other sectors.

If you have concerns over the way in which the NHS is being funded (or not being funded), if you believe that health sector workers are worthy of recognition, if you are proud of your profession and want that pride to be seen then please make every effort to attend.

By being seen within the wider context of the TUC we express both our individuality as a specialist union and the aims we share with fellow trade unionists. We declare that we are not isolated, we are not alone, and we are not to be taken lightly.

In addition to the demonstration itself the BDA Trade Union team will be meeting with members and listening to the issues raised to inform our current campaign plan.

If you are interested in attending this demonstration please contact David Hamblin via e-mail at


David Hamblin

Trade Union Organising Officer