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Trade Union Representatives Training

The BDA Trade Union Representatives Training Programmes are 4 day programmes of learning which are structured to develop all of the knowledge and skills a BDA trade Union representative will need. The programmes are delivered by TUC tutors and are accredited.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the ​BDA ​Trade ​Union ​Representatives Training Programmes ​will be ​delivered virtually across four days until further notice, using ​e-learning ​packages ​structured ​to ​develop ​the ​basic ​knowledge ​and ​skills ​required ​to ​represent ​members ​effectively ​in ​the ​workplace. ​Trade Union training is free to attend.

The ​programmes ​have ​been ​developed ​in ​conjunction ​with ​the ​TUC ​and ​are ​delivered ​by ​professional ​TUC ​tutors. ​It ​is ​essential ​that ​all ​Reps ​complete all four days of the Stage 1 ​​training ​in ​order ​to ​achieve ​accredited ​recognition ​status. ​Established ​TU ​reps ​are ​also ​encouraged ​to ​attend ​to ​refresh ​their ​skills. 

The BDA Trade Union also run a programme of one day Annual Representative Development Days in each Country and in each Region in England to update Trade Union Representatives on changes in Employment Law. These are currently on hold due to the present COVID-19 restrictions.

UPDATE - We are delighted to announce that we are now running Stage 2 training courses for experienced BDA Local TU Reps. You would need to have completed Stage 1 TU Rep training since November 2016. Please email us at if you have any queries about this course.

About the training

Stage 1

The ​BDA ​Trade ​Union ​initial ​training ​course ​for ​Local ​TU ​Reps ​is ​delivered virtually across four days, using ​e-learning ​packages ​structured ​to ​develop ​the ​basic ​knowledge ​and ​skills ​required ​to ​represent ​members ​effectively ​in ​the ​workplace. ​Trade Union training is free to attend.

This ​program ​has ​been ​developed ​in ​conjunction ​with ​the ​TUC ​and ​is ​delivered ​by ​professional ​TUC ​tutors. ​It ​is ​essential ​that ​all ​Reps ​complete all four days of this ​​training ​in ​order ​to ​achieve ​accredited ​recognition ​status. ​Established ​TU ​reps ​are ​also ​encouraged ​to ​attend ​to ​refresh ​their ​skills.

Stage 2

The ​BDA ​Trade ​Union Stage 2 ​training ​course ​for ​Local ​TU ​Reps ​is currently delivered virtually across four days, using ​e-learning ​packages ​structured ​to ​develop ​next step ​knowledge ​and ​skills ​required ​to ​represent ​members ​effectively ​in ​the ​workplace. ​Some of the subjects covered include:

  • Dealing with Bullying and Harassment
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Dealing with Stress
  • The contract of employment
  • Resisting contract amendments
  • Industrial Action
  • Rights to Information
  • Employment Tribunals and the role of ACAS

This ​program ​has ​been ​developed ​in ​conjunction ​with ​the ​TUC ​and ​is ​delivered ​by ​professional ​TUC ​tutors. ​It ​is ​essential ​that ​Reps ​complete all four days of this ​​training. Trade Union training is free to attend.

Upcoming training

Trade Union Representative Stage 1 Training

The next Stage 1 Training course will run on the following dates:

  • Friday 19 November
  • Friday 26 November
  • Friday 3 December
  • Friday 10 December

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Trade Union Representative Stage 2 Training

No available courses at the moment, please check back here for any updates.


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