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Rule Book

The BDA Trade Union is run in compliance with the BDA Trade Union Rule Book which covers all aspects of functions of the Trade Union and its committees and representatives.

Code of Conduct

When attending any BDA Trade Union Training, Committee Meeting or Event,  attendees are expected to comply with the BDA Trade Union Code of Conduct.

BDA Trade Union Representative Roles

There are four main BDA Trade Union Representative Roles which have under the rule book full Role Descriptors these roles being:

Election of BDA Trade Union Representatives

Elections of BDA Trade Union Representatives and H&S Representatives (A Joint Role) must take place every two years in accordance with the BDA Trade Union Terms of Reference and in accordance with the principles of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 outlined as follows:

“A Trade Union has a duty to hold elections for every person who holds a position in the union and that no person continues to hold such a position for more than five years without being re-elected at such an election”.

The BDA Trade Union will hold elections of representatives bi-annually, with the forthcoming period to commence in the month of January.

Existing BDA Trade Union Representatives must submit the completed nomination form to the BDA Trade Union office when elections are due. A BDA Trade Union Representative hold office for a two year period then certification has to be renewed.

Thes documents explain the BDA Trade Union Representative elction process:

Complaints in relation to the elections and ballots will be dealt with by the Head of Employment Relations and must be submitted in writing.

For further advice contact the BDA Trade Union Office Tel 0121 200 8021 or email

BDA Trade Union Committee Constitutions

All of the BDA Trade Union Committees have constitutions outlining the purpose of the committee and how they will function.  The committees are:

Industrial Action

From time to time the BDA may have to consider balloting the Members due to an issue where the taking of industrial action has to be considered. 

There is a strict legal process to be followed to ensure any industrial action taken by BDA Members is legal and thus ensuring employment law protections for BDA Members who withdraw their labour in an industrial dispute.  Failure to follow the correct procedure could find members being summarily dismissed and possible legal action being taken against the BDA.

The full BDA Industrial Action Procedure can be found at Rule 13 of BDA Trade Union Terms of Reference:

Guidance for BDA Members regarding Industrial Action in the workplace

BDA Members in the workplace may find that they are either involved in industrial action where the BDA Trade Union has balloted members or where other Trade Union Members are carrying out Industrial Action but the BDA Members are not.The BDA has produced the following guidnace for BDA Members:


  • BDA Guidance on Industrial Action by Other Trade Unions (

British Dietetic Association Trade Union Annual Statement to members

The British Dietetic Association being a registered Trade Union has to publish for the information of its members under Section 32a of the Trade union Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 an account in connection with the Trade Unions Annual Return.

Here are the documents for 2014: