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12 May 2021

Following a ballot of BDA members in NHS Scotland we are able to confirm that the pay offer was accepted. 

Members voted 82% in favour of accept and 18% in favour of rejection.

The 'NHS Scotland Scottish Terms & Conditions Staff Side' (of which the BDA are a member) have written to the Scottish government to inform them of the outcome of the ballots.

08 April 2021

Proposed pay offer that will go to member consultation week beginning 12 April 2021

Single Year Pay Deal 2021/22 for NHS Agenda for Change Staff

1. The Scottish Government’s aim is to deliver an agreed single year pay deal for NHS Scotland Agenda for Change staff for the financial year 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022.

2. The pay deal will have an additional backdating to 1 December 2020, meaning any new pay rates are in place from 1 December 2020, and any arrears of pay related to the pay deal will be effective from this date.

3. In order to achieve this, the Scottish Government has committed an overall financial envelope of £323m to uplift Agenda for Change pay rates, with £76 million available for the additional 2020-21 costs, and £247 million for 2021-22. This includes the £20m payment on account that has already been applied.

4. Our aim is to ensure that we retain suitable qualified staff, and attract staff with the skills and experience needed to ensure NHS Scotland meets future demands and expectations. The offer is detailed below:

5. Analysis indicates that the available funding would support the following progressive approach to increasing current Agenda for Change rates:

• Bands 1-4: a flat uplift of £1,009
• Bands 5-7: a 4% uplift
• Bands 8a to 8c: a 2% uplift
• Bands 8d to 9: a flat uplift of £800

Any supplements and RRP’s which increase in line with pay uplifts will be uprated as appropriate.

6. The Scottish Government will revisit the agreed pay settlement following the outcome of the Pay Review Body’s recommendation on Agenda for Change pay in England for 2021/22, with an intention of allocating NHS Scotland Agenda for Change Pay any additional new Barnett consequentials that result from a funded increase for the Agenda for Change pay uplift in England in the Department for Health and Social Care’s budget beyond the UK Government’s proposals.

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24 March 2021

Issued on behalf of the NHS Scotland trade union representatives of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee.

Update on NHS Scotland pay negotiations

Over the past week Scotland’s health trade unions been in formal pay negotiations for Agenda for Change staff with the Scottish Government and NHS employers.

Negotiations have now concluded as the Scottish government enters the pre-election period and an offer has been made. Each trade union will now agree their process for presenting this offer to members.

Colin Poolman, Chair of STAC and Royal College of Nursing Scotland Senior Officer said: “The timescale for negotiations was tight as a result of the forthcoming election but we have now received an offer for a one year pay deal.”

Annette Mansell-Green, Director of Trade Union at the BDA, explained: “We will now be reaching out to our members in Scotland and we will begin full consultation on the offer early next week."

10 March 2021

NHS Scotland pay negotiations to commence following health trade union call 2021

Scotland’s health trade unions have agreed to commence formal pay negotiations with the Scottish Government and NHS employers. 

The group wrote to the Cabinet Secretary last week to express their anger and disappointment at the process that led to the Scottish Government’s announcement that NHS pay negotiations would not take place until the summer. 

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman MSP, met with the staff side representatives of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC) this week and agreed to commence negotiations immediately. Terms of reference for the negotiations are being confirmed.   

Colin Poolman, Chair of STAC and Royal College of Nursing Scotland Senior Officer said: “Our members are clear that it is simply not good enough to push negotiations to the summer and blame the UK Government for the delay. Yesterday the Finance Secretary committed to ‘going further to deliver a fair pay deal’ for NHS staff. We are looking forward to getting round the table with the government and employers to negotiate the detail.” 

Willie Duffy, Staffside Secretary of STAC and Unison Regional Organiser said: “We had a constructive meeting with the Cabinet Secretary and are pleased that she responded so quickly to our concerns and request to review her previous decision. This past year has shone a spotlight on NHS staff, their dedication, their skill and the sacrifices they have made in responding to the pandemic. We will be making the case for the value of this contribution to be recognised in their pay packets.”