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When we think of Health & Safety in the workplace often our first thoughts are of trip hazards, unsafe machinery, and fire exits that are inexplicably locked. We’re proud that as part of their training we ensure that BDA Trade Union Representatives become Health & Safety Representatives.

Mental Health is as much a part of Health & Safety as physical hazards. That is why the campaigning work the BDA Trade Union carries out in the NHS and beyond (alongside fellow health trade unions) is so important. Pay has an impact on mental health. Bullying has an impact on mental health. COVID19 has certainly had a significant impact on the mental health of those health professionals that have provided care within the NHS not least of which being our members working in dietetic services.

The lack of PPE, workspaces which do not lend themselves to social distancing, and juggling workplace responsibilities with family commitments in the midst of a pandemic have all taken their toll. It is no wonder that when we surveyed our membership for information on how COVID19 was addressed in their area and how they themselves felt one answer stated “We feel like lambs to the slaughter”. The work that BDA Trade Union Representatives do is orientated around improving the workplace for those within it.

The BDA Trade Union supports World Mental Health Day with its intention to enhance awareness and understanding around the issue of mental health. Furthermore, we fully back initiatives which ensure that people experiencing mental health difficulties have access to the best possible support. We will continue to campaign alongside our fellow TUC affiliates and the wider union movement for improvements in the workplace to remove practices that are detrimental to the mental health of workers.