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About us

Work Ready is a new dietitian-led programme to help keep your workforce healthy and well at work.

Our national network of accredited dietitians improve resilience and mental wellbeing through positive behaviour change techniques.

Launched by The British Dietetic Association in early 2016, Work Ready offers a a range of expertise and services to all sectors and types of business.


Our aims

  • Achieving better business through positive leadership and commitment to health.
  • Working together to achieve a healthy weight for wellness.
  • Creating a healthy workplace environment and culture.
  • Raising productivity potential by keeping people healthy at work.

Work Ready Steering Group

Our project is supported by The British Dietetic Association and delivered by dietitians who are passionate about making a difference.

Meet the team

Jo Lewis Work Ready project lead
Jo drives the Work Ready project on behalf of the British Dietetic Association.

Emma Lanza Work Ready programme coordinator.
Emma runs the day to day delivery of the Work Ready programme, support both clients and our network of dietitians.

Sue Baic Dietitian
Sue is a freelance dietitian with expertise in workplace health.

Alison Clark Dietitian
Alison runs her own business, ACHN, dedicated to nutrition in workplace settings.

Megan Whelan dietitian
Megan runs an in-house nutrition programme in the financial services industry.

Why trust a dietitian?

Choosing the right source of help and advice can sometimes be a confusing task. Many people claim to be experts in nutrition, yet don’t work in an evidence-based way, are unregulated, and so offer little protection to the public. Dietitians are the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to nutrition and food professionals. Check out The British Dietetic Association (BDA) website for more information.

Dietitians are statutorily regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), with a protected title and governed by an ethical code. This ensures  they always work to the highest standard.

Our accredited BDA Work Ready dietitians have professional indemnity insurance and have been trained to adapt the BDA Work Ready programme to your industry sector and business needs.

About the BDA and our members

The BDA is the professional body for UK dietitians. Our 8,000 members work across public health, clinical and health promotion roles in a variety of settings. The breadth of the profession means that dietitians provide support to meet the nutritional needs for a wide range of population groups.

Dietitians have a key role in supporting existing workplace health programmes and working with teams in developing these programmes to meet identified needs.