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The BDA members' forum provides the ideal platform to discuss interesting and informative topics of interest with other likeminded members of the dietetic profession.

You can join in on existing topic discussions or start your own new discussion and invite your colleagues and fellow members to join in to generate interesting debate.

House Rules

The BDA reserves the right to remove messages which break our House Rules. In summary, the BDA will not tolerate messages we consider to be rude, offensive, defamatory, and dangerous or used for personal financial gain, and we will take reasonable action against those responsible.

The BDA reserves the right to edit or remove messages that:

  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable.
  • Are considered likely to attack, provoke or offend others.
  • Contain swear words or other language likely to offend.
  • Break the law, condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.
  • Advertise products, services, jobs or events. If you wish to advertise something, first send the message to the Web Communications Officer ( for approval. Messages with advertising signatures or links to business web sites will be removed.
  • Are seen to impersonate someone else.
  • Are a repeat of an earlier message or topic. Please check back a page or two before starting a new topic and choose a meaningful subject for any new discussion.
  • Include people’s contact details such as phone numbers, postal or email address. If you are asked for your own contact details, we advise that you send a direct email or private message rather than posting your details onto the forum.
  • Include extracts of other people’s emails or web site without their permission.
  • Contain links to other websites which break our ethical guidelines.
  • Are chain letters, promote pyramid schemes or appear to recruit members for any network marketing business.
  • That aim to recruit members to join another web site, chat group or discussion forum.
  • Describe or encourage activities that could endanger the safety or well-being of others.
  • Complain about the BDA, employers or university. If you are not satisfied about something, email the BDA directly.
  • Have unclear or misleading subject headings

Please avoid “text speak”.

There are some jargon terms used by some forum users. Someone who posts a message to enflame the discussion may be referred to as a “troll”, while being “flamed” is when a message results in a great number of heated responses. This is why it is wise to check that you are not reinventing a wheel when you start a new topic.

Repeatedly posting personal or offensive comments about individual members of the public, other members, or people who work for the BDA may be considered harassment. We reserve the right to remove such messages and take action against those responsible.

Starting a new topic

  1. Make sure that you are starting your message in the correct category. For example, if you are not a student or your topic is not a student issue, then it should not be in the Student Forum.
  2. Check that the topic does not already exist.
  3. Do not place a topic in more than one category.
  4. Do not use capital letters in your subject heading.


Moderators have the final say. BDA forum administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit, relocate and/or remove any message, at any time, for any reason. You should consider all editing decisions final. If you don't agree with a decision, you may discuss it in private with the moderator who made the judgment or the web communications officer (email If you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution, contact Milly Durrant, Head of Member Services via e-mail (, explaining the entire situation, with all relevant links/excerpts/emails, etc. Under no circumstance should you attempt to start a debate about specific moderation decisions in a public forum.

Reporting misuse

Please report any forum posting errors or abuse of the system to

What happens if you break the House Rules?

You will be contacted and we will inform you why your message has been removed. Anyone who seriously or repeatedly breaks the rules may be banned from using the BDA’s website.  The BDA reserves the right to edit, move or delete any message, or terminate any membership of the discussion forum, at any time and for any of the above reasons.

Group & Branch Discussion Forums

The BDA website permits groups and branches to have discussion areas that are private to their members only. In the discussion area, they are only visible to group and branch members.

Subscribing to a discussion

Remember to join at the top level unless you want to be kept in touch just with specific discussions. In the example below, clicking the circled Subscribe link will subscribe you to all present and new discussions for the group.

If you explore the topics being discussed, you can subscribe to individual topics (as shown below) but you will not hear about any other topics in the area. So, it’s generally best to subscribe at the top level. You can always change your mind, if you’re flooded with emails.

Help: multiple posts

if you receive omre than one copy of posts by email, it means you have subscribed twice.


If you are a member of the Public Health Group and subscribe to the forum at the top level (1) and then think “I’ll also subscribe to Public Health Bulletins” (2), you’ll get 2 copies of all Public Health Bulletins posts because you already subscribed to receive all Public Health thread posts.

If you want to receive Public Health Bulletins thread posts but not Sustainable Food, then you don’t subscribe to the whole group: just that topic.

Comments on this page

This page is based on several similar guidelines found on other web sites. Our aim is to encourage healthy debate and provide a safe arena for asking questions of fellow BDA members.

If you have comments, please contact the Web Communications Officer: email