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BDA Membership Fees 2019/20

BDA membership is excellent value for money. Worth over £2,000 per member per year, but costing as little as £25.65 per month for full member dietitians, £9 for dietetic support staff, and free or £37.50 for students.

You can join any of our annual memberships simply and easily online at any point in the year. 95% of members choose to pay by the cheaper and easier direct debit payment method. 

BDA Membership Category                              Location / Grade

Direct Debit 12 monthly instalments

Direct Debit 1 annual payment

Debit/Credit Card

Full Member (dietitians)

UK £25.65 £301.25 £311.75
Full Member (dietitians)  Overseas £30.60 £361.75 £372.50
Associate Member (Support Worker / Assistant) Band 4 < £9 £102.75 £108.75
Associate Member (Support Worker / Assistant) Band 5 > £13 £151.25 £163.75
SENR registrants (Sports Nutritionists) UK £13 £145 £150
SENR registrants (Sports Nutritionists) Overseas £13 £145 £150

Student Member (Dietetic Student)




Free  £37.50

Student Member (Dietetic Student)

Overseas N/A £70 £70
Affiliate Member UK £13 £151.25 £163.75
Affiliate Member Overseas £18 £211.75 £224.50
International Member   £17.60 £209.50 £221
Alliance Member   £13 £151.25 £163.75

We also have a range of options to support our full member dieitians through changes in circumstances:

Parental Leave Rate   £12.75 £151.50 £151.50
Non-Practising Member UK £9 £102.75 £109.50
Non-Practising Member Overseas £14 £163.50 £170
Retired Member UK £9 £102.75 £109.50
Retired Member Overseas £14 £163.50



Membership Payments

All BDA membership subscriptions are for one calendar year and can be joined simply and easily online at any point in the year, commencing the month you join. The BDA accepts payment via direct debit (UK bank accounts only), or by credit or debit card. The direct debit payment option, selected by 95% of members, is the easier and slightly cheaper option. To enable members to spread the annual cost throughout the year, we provide the option of direct debit instalments, of which 12 are due. Please note, this is not a monthly membership, as all BDA subscriptions are for a full calendar year.

Those who pay by direct debit, we contact well in advance to inform them we will be renewing their membership automatically each year (unless they inform us otherwise), to ensure no members lapse and to avoid their vital professional indemnity insurance or trade union cover becoming invalid. Please remember that if you cancel your direct debit halfway through the year, or we are unable to collect your monthly instalment, the BDA will be charged by your bank, and you will be expected to pay the balance of your subscription for that year. 

N.B. Direct debits can only be set up on UK bank accounts.

Reclaim tax on your subscription fees

BDA members are eligible to reclaim tax on BDA professional subscription fees, for a period of up to four years. This includes both your BDA annual membership and any of your BDA Specialist Group (or sub group) memberships. There are no tax reclaim forms, it is sufficient for members to enter their BDA subscription on their tax returns under 'Professional Fees and Subscriptions'. Self Assessment Tax Returns are available from your own local Tax Office.

Find out more and reclaim your tax.